Open Pit Mining of Minerals

Training masters in the course of studies in Open Pit Mining of Minerals has been imposed as a sectoral necessity in order to create highly qualified professionals who are capable of working effectively in changing internal and external environments, under the conditions of a liberalised market.

Within the Master’s degree program in Opencast Development of Minerals, a good balance has been achieved between basic theoretical course units on the one hand and applied and practical ones on the other. Students are given the opportunity to master and apply the latest engineering practices, technological production processes, the design and equipment for open pit development of deposits of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, and coal.

A considerable part of the course units on the curriculum are in synchrony with the industry’s requirements for such type of specialists, as well as with the experience of leading European countries with traditions in the mineral industry.

An important focus in the Master’s degree course in Opencast Development of Minerals is the opportunity, during the final semester, for internship and practical training in various research centres, in leading mining companies in Bulgaria and abroad whose goal is to provide students with access to the external occupational environment.

Vocational field 5.8 Exploration, Mining, and Processing of Minerals
Course of study Open Pit Mining of Minerals
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Mining Engineer in Opencast Development of Minerals
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1.5 years (three semesters)
2 years (four semesters)