Student dormitories and canteens

Student dormitories and canteens

Important for students from the University of National and World Economy:
Please submit documents for accommodation order for UMG through the WEB-Student information system.

Информация за летни месеци 2020г.

Information for summer months 2020

Scan/photograph and send to sos@mgu.bg.

Order: Summer Months
The payment of the due rents for the dormitories of MGU ‘St. Ivan Rilski’ should be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Bank: BNB

IBAN: BG23BNBG96613100162601

In ‘Reason for Payment’ please write down: No of Block, No of Room, three names of the tenant, period for which you pay.

Contact numbers and information: 0879 80 79 21 / 0879 80 79 12

The University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” disposes of four student dormitories and one student canteen. Single students are accommodated in bl. No. 1 and 22A and families – in bl. No 60 V and 60 G. Student Dormitories and Canteen Department maintains very good living conditions, with monthly rents being some of the lowest in the Student City. The majority of the full-time students at the University of Mining and Geology use a student dormitory. All dormitories are equipped with the possibility to set up and use computer networks with Internet access to each room.

The accommodation of the freshmen is carried out by ranking according to the order of the entrance scores. In case of equal scores, the certified lower average monthly income of students is used as an additional criterion. Documents for the dormitory of enrolled students are submitted to office 4 in Student Dormitory bl.1, tel. +359 999 8800 / 0879 807 921. The conditions for applying for a student accommodation, terms and ranking can be found on the Internet at: https://www.mgu.bg.

IMPORTANT! The University of Mining and Geology has sufficient capacity to accommodate all accepted freshmen – full-time students wishing to use a student dormitory.

Payment of rents by bank transfer:
Bank: Bulgarian National Bank
IBAN: BG23BNBG96613100162601

Student dormitories and canteens
Head of Unit
Valery Petkov Dachev
Contact details: Cabinet : Block 1,
Tel. 0879807550
E-mail: sos@mgu.bg
Senior Accommodation Expert

Jacqueline Milenkova
Contact details: Block 1, office 4
Tel.: 0879807921
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg

Organiser additional activity

Konstantin MILANOV
Contact details: Block 1, office 3
Tel.: 0879807922
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg

Host Manager BLOCK 1

Marietta Todorova
Contact details: Block 1,
Tel.: 0879807919
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg

Host Manager BLOCK 22А
Velichko Todorov DANEV
Contact details: Block 22, 104
Tel.: 0879807918
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg
Host Manager BLOCK 60G
Mariana Ivanova YOVCHEVA
Contact details: Block 60G, 110
Tel.: 0879807914
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg
Host Manager BLOCK 60V
Krasimira Georgieva Baramova
Contact details: Block 60V, 106
Tel.: 0879807915
e-mail: sos@mgu.bg