Engineering Geology

The graduates from the Master’s degree course in Engineering Geology are qualified to perform responsible research, design, scientific and management activities in the field of the engineering and geological research for different types of construction; research, evaluation, forecasting and management of hazardous geodynamical processes; seismic micro-zoning of sites and territories, engineering and geological monitoring. They acquire new knowledge in engineering geology theory and practice in the EU and North American countries, engineering and geological activities management, design and construction of engineering facilities for earth protection.

The Master‘s degree graduates in Engineering Geology work as highly qualified specialists in the following areas:
– Construction (providing engineering and geological information for the dimensioning of engineering facilities, mining workings and others; seismic micro-zoning of sites and territories);
– Earth protection activities (research, evaluation, forecast of destructive geological processes; reinforcement projects design);
– State and municipal administration (experts and consultants in the departments, the regional and municipal administrations, construction permitting, Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water);
– Industry and energy (research and design in mining construction; engineering-geological and engineering-seismological information for power engineering – Thermal Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, gas pipelines and others);
– Civil protection (destructive geological processes cadastre, engineering geological monitoring networks; early warning systems for natural disasters);
– Ecology (research, design and construction of landfills for industrial and household waste, repositories for medium radioactive and highly toxic waste, Environmental Impact Assessment reports);
– Insurance (evaluation of the geodynamic hazard and risk).

Vocational field 5.7 Architecture, Construction, and Geodesy
Course of study Engineering Geology
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Master in Engineering Geology
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1.5 years (three semesters)