Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment in Mines

The Master’s degree course of study “Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment in Mines” trains students who can conduct research, management, technological and other activities related to the generation, transmission and use of electrical energy in electricity supply systems of industrial and mining enterprises, geological sites, oil and gas production, transport and storage companies; electricity supply systems in explosive productions; marketing and merchandising activity in the electrical energy sector; studying of the energy efficiency of technological processes, machines, aggregates, units and justification of modern solutions for increasing the energy efficiency; assessment of the consumers’ impact on the quality of electrical energy.

The graduates are qualified to hold management and executive positions in mining and industrial enterprises, plants, scientific and research institutes and laboratories, design companies, to organise and manage teams for construction, adjustment, operation and repair of electrical systems.

Vocational field 5.2 Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Automatics
Course of study  Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment in Mines
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Electrical Engineer
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1 year (two semesters)
1.5 year (three semesters)