Blasting Equipment and Technology

The Master’s degree programme in Blasting Equipment and Technology is designed to face the new challenges faced by mining engineers that are associated with the necessity for comprehensive, theoretical and applied knowledge of blasting equipment and technology.

The curriculum offers comprehensive knowledge and skills on issues that relate to the management, design, and performance of industrial blasting operations in all branches of the economy, including mines, hazardous and non-hazardous blasting operations in terms of gas and dust, in the open pit mining of minerals, in underground construction, in forestry, in metal processing, in the demolition of buildings and facilities, as well as in other ancillary activities whereby the energy of the blast is employed. In the course of training, knowledge and skills are formed for project development, for participating in scientific forums (conferences, symposia, congresses), and for independent research – the development of a diploma thesis.

The training provides wide opportunities for occupational fulfilment in research, design, and consulting organisations, in mining construction enterprises; in mining companies; on civic sites and in management structures on the national and regional level.

Vocational field 5.8 Exploration, Mining, and Processing of Minerals
Course of study Blasting Equipment and Technology
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Mining Engineer in Blasting Equipment and Technology
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1.5 years (three semesters)
2 years (four semesters)