Applied Geophysics

The Master’s Degree course in Applied Geophysics prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of geophysical studies in the prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, in civil and mining construction.

The Applied Geophysics course of study offers classical and modern methods and means of teaching in Engineering Geophysics, Earth Magnetism and Geoelectrical Fields, Seismology and Fundamentals of Seismic Zonation, Exploration Geophysics, Seismotectonics, etc.

The graduates will acquire engineering and technical knowledge and practical experience which can be successfully applied in field, well logging and remote sensing geophysical techniques during all stages of prospecting, exploration, production and processing of mineral resources, as well as in the solution of engineering, geological, hydrogeological and ecological tasks.

The Master’s degree graduates can find their occupational fulfilment in design, scientific and research institutes and engineering companies and organisations in the country, Europe and worldwide. The specialised training gives them a possibility to take up managerial or expert positions in state and business structures.

Vocational field 4.4 Earth Sciences
Course of study Applied Geophysics
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Engineer and Geophysicist
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1 year (two semesters)