Mine Surveying





Training in the educational and educational degree of “Doctor” is part of the educational and scientific process in the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy, founded 65 years ago. The main objective is to increase the qualification of the students taking a PhD who are mining engineers holders of a Master’s degree, and their formation as researchers, teaching personnel at universities, as well as highly qualified specialists from various scientific and applied fields in geodesy, construction, and mining.

To achieve this goal, educational activities are provided by highly qualified lecturers and eminent specialists in the field of scientific course of study in Mine Surveying. The individual curriculum of each doctoral student provides specific courses and tasks aimed at gaining and applying vocational and scientific knowledge. The department ensures full cooperation in the use of the laboratory facilities and the available information databases for conducting research in the areas of: geological and mining sciences related to fundamental and regional geological research, prospecting, exploration, and evaluation of mineral deposits; geodetic provision; construction of mining sites; mine surveying provision; development of mineral deposits;  specialised cadastral activities; geomechanical assessment of terrains under/in which mining works have been conducted.

The traditionally well-established good terms with the companies from the geological, research, and mining sectors are used, too, for carrying out scientific and applied research in real production conditions and for getting acquainted with modern specialised technical equipment, software, and technologies. The training unit, the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy, employs a total of eleven lecturers, ten of whom are full-time employees and one is half-time. Part-time lecturers are also attracted in connection with the large number of teaching hours resulting from the requirements for training students taking a Master’s degree in the state regulated profession of Engineer in Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre.

The department has had a tradition of over 60 years of training of students in the area of mine surveying and geodesy. It is an established authority in the implementation of responsible research work under complex mining conditions, in the development of modern geodetic and mine surveying technologies, and in their application in the activities of specialists in the respective fields.

The Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy offers training in the doctoral degree that is in conformity with the public needs and the legislation in force in this country and is consistent with the requirements for the educational degrees in leading universities in the EU, Australia, the UK, the Republic of South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, etc.