General, Higher, and Applied Geodesy





The training of doctoral students is an integral part of the entire educational and scientific process in the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy.

The main objective in the training of doctoral students is to raise their qualification and to help them develop as research workers, teaching personnel in higher education, and highly qualified specialists in the various research and applied fields of applied and higher geodesy.

Perfecting of the intellectual qualities in the course of the doctoral programme in General, Higher, and Applied Geodesy is primarily grounded on: independent theoretical work; analysis and evaluation of data from model and real experiments; summarising and synthesis of the results obtained; forecasting and proving of new dependencies, regularities and phenomena which are all related to the subject area and the object of research.

The practical skills acquired in the course of the training are related to: the application of contemporary geodetic and geoinformation technologies for creating, maintaining, and improving of the initial and operating geodetic foundation; improving the mine surveying and geodetic equipment necessary for the activities in the opencast and underground mining of naturals; the construction of buildings and facilities, including sub-surface; territorial planning and other activities associated with the application of the Law on Geodesy and the Law on the Territorial Organisation.

The training unit, the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy, employs a total of eleven lecturers, ten of whom are full-time employees and one is half-time. Part-time lecturers are also attracted in connection with the large number of teaching hours resulting from the requirements for training students taking a Master’s degree in the state regulated profession of Engineer in Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre. The department has had a tradition of over 60 years of training of students in the area of mine surveying and geodesy. It is an established authority in the implementation of responsible research work under complex mining conditions, in the development of modern geodetic and mine surveying technologies, and in their application in the activities of specialists in the respective fields.

The Department of Surveying and Geodesy strives to maintain a modern educational and material basis, suitable for research and implementation work in the scientific course of study in General, Higher, and Applied Geodesy.

Within the department, the following have been formed and are in operation: a computer hall, a special-purpose laboratory for photogrammetry and remote sensing, three lecture halls, offices for tutoring and individual consultations.