Drilling Equipment and Technology





The Department of Drilling, Extraction, and Transport Oil and Gas at the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”- Sofia trains students wishing to take a Bachelor’s and Master’s educational and qualification degree.

The curricula are modern and are supposed to bring about an effective and high-quality learning process. This is a good prerequisite and a basis for the training of specialists in the educational and scientific degree of  “Doctor” in the scientific course of studies in Drilling Equipment and Technology.

The training in the doctoral programme is conducted in accordance with the contemporary trends in the development of science and its applications in practice.

Research can be carried out in various fields, such as: drilling for conventional and shale oil and gas; prospect and hydro-geological drilling; geo-technical holes; inclined and directional drilling, as well as in the relevant technologies in these fields, such as: modes of drilling; flushing and cementing of boreholes and wells; large-diameter drilling; repair of salt wells; extraction; directional diamond drilling; development of and study of the performance of drilling equipment, etc.

Lecturers from the department have specialised and lectured at prestigious universities abroad, like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics; Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo – Santander, Spain, etc. The department has traditionally had close connections with related universities in the former socialist countries, and although some of those declined after the changes, they are now slowly but steadily being re-established.

The department conducts research funded by the University of Mining and Geology and this makes it possible to enrich the research and laboratory base.

In view of the above, the training of doctoral students is comprehensive and is an integral part of the entire educational and research process in the department.

The objectives and tasks of the education in the Department of Drilling, Extraction, and Transport Oil and Gas are to offer training to specialists in the scientific course of study in Drilling Equipment and Technology in the educational and scientific degree of  “Doctor” in vocational field 5.8. Exploration, Mining and Processing of Minerals.

The motives are related to this country’s need to train and form highly qualified specialists, research workers, and teaching personnel for one of the major areas of the mining branch: drilling in any of its aspects.

The activity of these groups of experts is directly related to this country’s  national security of the country and to the development of the mining branch industry; hence, to the entire national economy.

The following can further be added to the motives for the programme:

  • Creation of new scientific and applied products, using contemporary methods and research aimed at their applicability and implementation in production;
  • Establishing conditions for and stimulating the scientific growth of young members of staff, as well as providing succession in the department bodies;
  • Training of personnel for the needs of drilling activity;
  • Preparation of highly qualified scientific and teaching staff for conducting training in higher schools and in specialised/vocational secondary schools;
  • Maintaining an adequate level of awareness of the latest world achievements in science and technology in the field of drilling; providing for the state institutions and maintaining their administrative and control potential;
  • The Department of Drilling, Extraction, and Transport Oil and Gas at the University of Mining and Geology is the only unit in the field of higher education in this country, whereby drilling specialists are trained. This raises the tasks and motives to an even higher level and with greater responsibilities.