Mineral Processing and Recycling

Taking a degree in the course of studies in Mineral Processing and Recycling you graduate as an engineer in mineral processing and recycling able to:

☑ Manage mineral processing factories and companies from the mineral industry in Bulgaria and abroad;
☑ Manage organisations related to the processing of ores and non-metal minerals, coal, wastes from all types of human activities, generation of new products out of waste, purification of soils, air and waters from different types of pollutants;
☑ Manage the technological and manufacturing activity in the field of utilisation, processing and management of mineral and energy raw materials;
☑ Work in the area of recycling of industrial and domestic waste, treatment of waste waters, polluted soils, etc.

Vocational field 5.8 Exploration, Mining, and Processing of Minerals
Course of study Mineral Processing and Recycling
Educational and qualification degree Bachelor
Vocational qualification Engineer in Mineral Processing and Recycling
Form of study Full-time, part-time
Duration of study Four years