Ecology and Environmental Protection

Taking a degree in the courses of studies in Ecology and Environmental Protection you graduate as an environmental engineer able to:

☑ Hold positions related to activities for environmental protection in the geological prospecting, mining and energy sectors, the chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries and mineral processing.
☑ Employ the knowledge as an ecologist in municipal and district administrations, Regional Inspectorates for Environment and Waters (RIEW) and as civil servants in institutions in the field of ecology.
☑ Design and organise conservation events and perform administrative control in various industries and agriculture, work as an expert in state institutions, non-governmental organisations and companies working in the area of ecology and environmental protection and researchers in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

Vocational field 4.4 Earth Sciences
Course of study Ecology and Environmental Protection
Educational and qualification degree Bachelor
Vocational qualification Environmental engineer
Form of study Full-time, part-time
Duration of study Four years