Drilling and Extraction of Oil and Gas

Drilling and Extraction of Oil and Gas is a broad-based course of study which offers classical and modern methods and tools for training in several engineering course units. In the field of drilling, they are: “Design of Wells”, “Inclined and Directional Drilling”, “Drilling of Geothermal Wells”, “Special Technologies in Drilling”, and several others. In the area of the extraction of oil and gas, they are as follows: “Design of Systems for Exploitation of Oil and Gas Wells”, “Equipment and Technology for Collecting and Primary Preparation of Oil and Gas”, “Oil and gas Storage”, “Fuel Technology”. Students also study “Environmental Protection and Preservation of the Earth’s Bowels”, as well as several others that shape up a petroleum engineer’s profile. A 30-day pre-diploma practice is provided for the preparation of the diploma thesis and the acquisition of practical habits and skills.

The graduates of the course of studies in Drilling and Extraction of Oil and Gas are provided with engineering and technical knowledge and practical experience, owing to which they will have the opportunity to find occupational fulfilment as successful engineers working in the field of drilling and extraction, as professionals of a new generation who are able to sustainably solve issues in industry, both at home and abroad, in a sustainable manner.

Vocational field 5.8 Exploration, mining, and processing of minerals
Course of study Drilling and Extraction of Oil and Gas
Educational and qualification degree Master
Vocational qualification Engineer – M.Sc.
Form of study Full-time
Duration of study 1.5 years (three semesters)
2 years (four semesters)